Intelligent Technology
mastering complexity and dynamics

swissQuant Group develops and implements Intelligent Technologies. More than 150 clients across the globe, including several Fortune 500 companies, benefit on a daily basis from the use of our software systems and analysis tools. More than 50 committed quant engineers, mathematicians and physicists are at the forefront of developing and translating powerful and scalable mathematical methods into a comprehensive range of Intelligent Technologies.

For reliable insight. For informed decision making.


Reliable insight

We program highly scalable software for the systematic analysis of large amounts of complex data. Our insights are based on high resolution time-series analyses, state-of-the-art classification methods and user-friendly visualization. Fast algorithms and robust optimization allow consistent and transparent findings on the basis of repeatability and replicability. With Intelligent Technology, our clients strengthen their strategic advantage.

  • Recording non-linear dependencies

  • Identifying regime changes

  • Monitoring of instabilities

Informed decision making

Informed decision making requires reliable analyses, accurate forecasting and a continuously adjusted set of strategy options. We model dynamic systems for the simulation of diverse and comprehensive scenarios. Multivariate regressions, dynamic copula models and adaptive filters equipped with proprietary calibration methods provide the basis for consistent decision making. Our Intelligent Technology enables our clients to make more expedient and better informed decisions, staying ahead of the competition and safeguarding against the unexpected.

  • Dynamic system simulation

  • Pattern recognition for forecasting

  • Protection against extreme events