Growth and stability thanks to technological expertise

Successful business leaders differentiate themselves by demonstrating technological leadership. swissQuant Group supports its clients in the continuous development and optimized utilization of key technologies. Our joint efforts lead to an improved bottom line and a stronger market position.

For long term growth. For sustainable success.
Investment banks

Model validation
Management information systems
Risk reporting platforms


Economic scenario generation
Corporate risk controlling
ALM measurement and optimization systems

Pension funds

SAA/TAA and duration controlling
Dynamic hedging strategies
ALM and inflation protection

Asset managers

Systematic investment strategies
Dynamic risk controlling
Hedging strategies

Private banks
Wealth managers

Front-end advisory technology
Compliance reporting (MiFID/FIDLEG)
Risk analysis

Corporate treasuries

Fixed income portfolio optimization
FX overlays
Valuation of illiquid assets

Energy producers

Hydropower plant valuations
Forward curves
Asset portfolio optimization

Commodity traders

Heat mapping/risk factor analysis
Dynamic hedging strategies
Portfolio optimization

Clearing houses (CCPs)

Optimization of margin calculations
Valuation of collaterals
Collateral and margin risk systems

Stock exchanges

Pricing of derivative instruments
Monitoring technologies
Performance of new markets/product lines