DynamiQ - Systematic Decision Support


Do you consider all relevant factors in your investment decisions?

DynamiQ proposes precise investment recommendations and trading ideas customized to your individual portfolio for dynamic steering of your tactical asset allocation. Our quantitative and systematic market insights provide support to your asset allocation committee during its opinion forming process leading to differentiated views on actual and future markets. DynamiQ has a proven long term track record in delivering a sustainable performance gain as either a standalone information source or in combination with fundamental or discretionary analysis.

Tactical investment decisions as key performance driver

Dynamically adjusting your asset allocation is essential for reaching ambitious investment objectives in today’s markets with fast changing market conditions. Quarterly, monthly or even daily position adjustments are necessary to adapt to changing conditions and to actively avoid any drawdowns. DynamiQ combines all relevant aspects of your asset allocation to propose portfolios with higher returns and a more attractive risk profile.


Innovative quant approach due to long standing finance research

All our models are founded on latest academic research in finance and are continuously enhanced. The success of DynamiQ builds on the extensive experience of swissQuant Group in investment advisory combined with our sophisticated quantitative and technical understanding of the financial markets. DynamiQ delivers robust investment advice substantiated by its long standing institutional client deployment.

Better investment results through comprehensive decision support

DynamiQ offers up-to-date market analysis on a daily basis for your complete investment universe as well as individual allocation recommendations tailored to your portfolio and extensive reporting. Our market experts will provide support in the interpretation, presentation and implementation of the investment recommendations within your investment committee. As an optional service, we offer to monitor continuously your portfolio to inform you promptly of any significant changes in market conditions and to provide you with appropriate analyses and concise recommended actions to adjust your portfolio.

DynamiQ attributes in short:

  • Quantitative-systematic approach

  • DynamiQ asset allocation through trend prediction

  • Active risk overlay

  • Precise investment recommendations and integration in your investment process

DynamiQ continuously optimizes your asset allocation


Parameterization of investment restrictions

In a joint process we parameterize your investment strategy, investment restrictions, risk aversion and more to your specific needs. Additionally, the optimal implementation of DynamiQ in your existing investment process will be evaluated to deliver the best possible results against your investment objective.


Actual market assessment

A graphic illustration attractively visualizes your complete investment universe at a glance. Detailed heat maps highlight by means of several indicators which markets are gaining in dynamics and which risks are on the rise. This is the basis for the individual investment recommendation.


Individual investment recommendation

An individual investment recommendation for your portfolio is submitted based on your specific parameterization of DynamiQ and the actual market assessment. In addition to trend prediction and risk analysis, we also incorporate transaction costs and all your specific investment guidelines in the optimal solution.


Independent interpretation

Our experts are at your disposal for guidance in the interpretation and discussion of the investment recommendations in front of your investment committee. Our market relevant interpretation and broad experience enhance the quantitative investment signals while providing additional transparency, certainty, and support in making the right investment decisions.


Private banks, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds with total assets of more than CHF 30 billion rely since more than seven years on the decision support of DynamiQ. We are one of the largest independent Quant teams in Europe dedicated to delivering lasting client value as demonstrated by the following selected DynamiQ reference projects:
  • DynamiQ is integrated in the bank internal investment process steering all discretionary mandates of one of the leading private banks in Europe.

  • An asset manager is using our quantitative signals to monitor and hedge daily market risks in one of his deep value funds.

  • A major Swiss pension fund relies on DynamiQ since more than five years to form its opinion on investment decisions.

  • A Swiss investment foundation is managing a balanced fund based entirely on the investment recommendations of DynamiQ.