ImpaQt pw - Private Wealth Risk Management


Are you satisfying the sophisticated requirements of HNWIs and UHNWIs?

Private Banks have largely met the needs of HNWIs and UHNWIs for exclusive, sophisticated investment options, yet face a another challenge: MiFID and FIDLEG impose new risk transparency requirements and challenging parameters which impede the advisory process in terms of quality and time. To resolve this dilemma, swissQuant Group has developed a system for the automated transferal of the investment management service. The system considers all risk parameters, while providing intelligent decision making support to the client advisor.

Proven success

A private bank in Liechtenstein already uses a touchscreen based wealth management system developed by swissQuant Group to advise its clients. Clients benefit from sophisticated wealth planning and receive a customized investment portfolio based on target returns and risk profile. Attributing to the intuitive, attractive visualization of complex issues, the bank has seen a substantial inflow of new money in the same year.


Margin preservation through cost efficiency and client protection

Complying with legal regulations will result in higher cost of sales for private banks, which in turn will impact profitability. The integration of the swissQuant/SIX impaQt risk system reduces costs by automating cost-intensive processes. The system also allows mobile devices to be used during the client advisory process, thus eliminating all need for client data to leave the bank.

Complying with regulatory requirements

The bank-wide, aggregated monitoring of client portfolios allows extensive automated testing for investment appropriateness and suitability. With the monitoring technology of swissQuant Group, more than one million portfolios can be assessed overnight for any violation of qualitative or quantitative rules. Our portfolio construction technology enables pre-trade suitability checks on the instrument and portfolio level. The client profiling software developed by swissQuant Group is used by a number of private banks to visualize to the client investment strategy scenarios in a competent and comprehensible way.

Intelligent Technology for private wealth

  • Risk/return portfolio health checks

  • MiFID/FIDLEG investment suitability and analysis

  • Touchscreen based advisory process

  • Portfolio construction

Differentiated Client Advisory

For two-thirds of clients, the quality of banking services is more important than the price. Client advisors must inform competently about investment restrictions given the higher compliance risks. The deployment of our sophisticated private wealth management system allows for differentiated client servicing as well as for managing the risks associated with implementing new regulations. In collaboration with a large Swiss bank, swissQuant Group has developed a high-performance management system that provides several thousand client advisors with daily information on risk, monitoring and investment opportunities. The calculation process is fully automated.


Risk management and monitoring

The wealth management system enables continuous monitoring of risk and performance, allowing measures to be taken proactively and losses to be actively avoided. The client can rely on the bank and can rest assured that capital preservation is the key priority.


Private ALM wealth planning

The wealth management system increases the client’s flexibility and risk appetite and ensures that all liabilities are covered without high opportunity costs for the client.


Optimal portfolio allocation

The wealth management system determines an optimal portfolio allocation specific to the client, thus providing for an efficient investment process. The client receives an optimal return consistent with his risk appetite.


Personalized investment proposal

A detailed investment proposal is generated in real time and includes the basis for deciding to buy or sell a position. The client advisor presents the client with a customized investment proposal at the advisory meeting, enabling him to use the time effectively to build client loyalty.


swissQuant Group has successfully developed and implemented several comprehensive wealth management systems. We are one of the largest independent Quant teams in Europe dedicated to delivering lasting client value, as demonstrated by the following selection of current ImpaQt pw projects:
  • A private bank in Liechtenstein uses a touchscreen based wealth management system developed by the swissQuant Group to advise its clients. HNWI clients receive a customized investment portfolio based on target returns and risk profile.

  • A high-performance risk management system has been developed in collaboration with a large Swiss bank. The system provides daily information to thousands of client advisors. It is fully automated and places the clients’ wishes at the heart of the advisory process.

  • A large Swiss cantonal bank upholds its sophistication by relying on our “Private Portfolio Consulting” software for real-time implementation of investment proposals and significantly shorter implementation times.