Using AI to Create Structured Products and Enhance Growth

Over the last couple of years, innovation in the structured products markets has predominantly evolved around the issuer side concentrating on new digital tools and platforms which automate and streamline back-office processes. Such tools / platforms allow optimized pricing for structured products, increased automation, reduced costs and ultimately enable lower ticket sizes for customized structured products.

This evolution opens the opportunity for wealth managers to serve a larger client segment by offering a tailored solution for each and every client. The missing piece that our experts added to the digitized value chain is an intelligent algorithm which can design structured products based on client-specific data, such as client risk profile, portfolio allocations, investment view, preferences, and restrictions.

This scalable and intelligent technology is vital for unlocking the next level of growth in the structured products market, both in terms of market size and service quality due to massive efficiency gains through a holistic automation as only suitable products are proposed. In addition to the formalized client preferences DeriRobo makes use of sophisticated artificial intelligence to unlock hidden client preferences allowing a highly personalized and immersive investment journey for the client.

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Author: Besnik Jashari, Head of Derivatives Applications

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