High capacity and fast results with CleaRisQ

swissQuant will be providing Clearing Houses and Clearing participants with a comprehensive risk management software called CleaRisQ for the calculation of risk on a near real-time basis.


In the past 7 years, swissQuant Group has been at the forefront of the development and validation of risk models for CCPs, building the next generation of margin models designed to be even more reliable and competitive. These models are based on advanced statistics and recent academic results, customized to meet regulatory requirements and specific clients’ needs.

Thanks to the close collaboration between our best quant experts and software developers, swissQuant has built the CleaRisQ system, a comprehensive risk management software that accurately calculates new generation initial margin requirements and collateral for a mind-boggling number of large portfolios on a near real-time basis. It also provides advanced analytics tools for investigation by risk managers, quants, clearing members and developers.

The first Clearing House client is about to go live, and we are convinced that Investment Banks will also soon be able to utilize our new CleaRisQ product for monitoring margin requirements and risk of their clients’ portfolios. Real-time risk for large size portfolios of financial instruments has a broad range of applications in an ever more digital world.

Go ahead and check the various applications of our Real-time Risk Systems for your core businesses!

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