3rd swissQuant Group Private Wealth Conference 2019

It was a great pleasure to welcome clients and partners to our 3rd swissQuant Group Private Wealth Conference under the title “User Journeys for Portfolio Managers and Investment Advisors” which took place in Zurich on 12th September 2019.

Highly insightful roundtable sessions encouraged stimulating discussions amongst leading wealth managers and private bankers over the development of effective responses in order to meet the challenges arising from an ever more digital environment.

The roundtable sessions were succeeded by four presentations on state-of-the art topics:

Jan Kayatz presented swissQuant Group’s most recent approach to the comprehensive and intuitive Goal-Based investing. This client-specific product is structured as an interactive portal with a light translation of priorities in life to financial planning, optimal service model and convenient delivery through customized investment strategies. The module is implemented at several leading banks. Continuous innovations such as cash-flow matching for liability-type goals were also described plus the inclusion of less liquid assets.

Benjamin Wiederkehr, a specialist for Digital Design, opened the door to creative production of sophisticated customer journeys. Speed and agility matter and are already included in the hierarchical optimized design process. Client behavior might change rapidly and therefore requires a broad spectrum of features to be interlinked in variable selections. The appeal of the design is a result of intuitive understanding and non-invasive guidance.

Karim Jadallah shared with us the concept study of the Investment Management System (CIO Cockpit & AQT/DPM) recently developed by the swissQuant Group. The integration of Intelligent Technology in the CIO Office results in automatization of tasks which have been traditionally assigned to Portfolio Managers. He highlighted all modules that tackle the area of SAA generation, CIO view integration and subsequent TAA generation, model portfolio optimization, as well as risk & compliance monitoring including breaches of all portfolios at respective market situations.

Jean-Christophe Gerard CEO of a Barclay’s Wealth Management Unit, provided his insightful views on the development path of advanced customer experience; both the hybrid aspects and the digital core were addressed. He shared with us how Barclay’s Private Bank navigates their clients through the investment advisory process resulting in a deeper bonding of the client relationship. Attendants received privileged information at a higher level about the latest milestones in Barclay’s technology initiatives, which brought subsequent benefits ranging from enhanced experience, increased productivity to more effective controls.

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