Case Study: ESG-Driven Portfolio App for Retail Investors

Partner Bank’s Challenge:

To provide the Bank’s customers with a fully automated solution which embeds sustainable preferences into the portfolio management process.

The Result:

The first fully systematic ESG portfolio integration in Europe to apply smart technology to customer preferences together with investment and risk expertise.

ESG Integration: Clarity and Value in Volatile Markets

SwissQuant’s award-winning risk-optimized solution integrates ESG criteria into a major European bank’s mobile platform. A novelty in the finance world, this 24-hour portfolio service meets the demand of retail investors to define their own financial participation in sustainability with the help of market-leading technology providing them with the answers needed to make better decisions. Through close collaboration with swissQuant, the Partner Bank’s customers now have access to a solution that delivers clarity and value, especially in volatile markets.

Personalized portfolio management: Trust and autonomy for new generation investing

By investing in best-in-class technology, the Partner Bank not only brings a new level of trust and autonomy to its customers but leads the way in innovation to keep customers at the forefront of responsible and agile investing. Because market timing matters, and so does the future.

The Solution: Secure and responsible wealth management 24 / 7

swissQuant is dedicated to support banks, asset managers and insurance companies in the journey to sustainability by embedding innovative wealth management solutions with sustainability at their core.
The client is a universal bank with European headquarters who pays special attention to sustainability and serves its customers with dedicated investment solutions. The leading European bank chose swissQuant as a reliable partner to ensure that customer quality concerns and bank goals were met when expanding the portfolio construction to add ESG criteria. This joint effort forms an integral part of the bank’s new and innovative wealth service platform available to retail investors as a mobile application.

Smart Technology enables investors

  • Comprehensive integration of personal ESG and SDG preferences harvests full sustainability ambitions of investors while maintaining risk/return goals
  • Clear and easy-to-understand sustainability measures reveal impact of investors’ financial decisions on their portfolio
  • Cloud-based calculation allows investors to explore scenario-driven portfolio predictions and proposed trades in less than a minute.
  • Solution ensures that risk management and portfolio monitoring is performed by asset management professionals adding level of investment expertise


Smart Technology creates growth opportunities

  • Offers private banking wealth management services to retail portfolios at a very competitive price
  • Individualized, optimized investment proposals remain in line with bank investment strategy while taking into account ESG preferences and regulatory restrictions.
  • Systematic portfolio construction follows best-in-class asset manager methodologies – investment performance is fully transmitted from target allocations to client portfolios.
  • Thousands of single positions, including entire product range of market covered in optimization process

ESG-Driven Portfolio App: Welcome to the new age of banking

Only by adopting the one-of-a-kind risk optimizer offered by swissQuant, can banks offer their customers the opportunity to explore their portfolio’s carbon footprint and sustainability rating with the expertise usually reserved for portfolio managers. With the easy-to-use application, choosing multiple portfolio goals results in instant trade recommendations, allowing an immediate and well-informed reaction to the market.

This exciting new tool is a prime example of a bank partnering with a technology provider to develop proactive answers to changing times. Banks can now move customers into the future while contributing to the stability of financial markets by facilitating sustainable investing for a larger number of retail investors.


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