CleaRisQ earns the Swiss Risk Association Award 2021

The Swiss Risk Association’s Mission is to strengthen Switzerland’s standing as a center of expertise in risk management and financial engineering. The Swiss Risk Association aims to support and enforce the network and exchange of risk experts from different industries:

  • Sharing Risk Information
  • Setting Risk Standards
  • Organizing Events
  • Creating a networking platform


The Swiss Risk Association believes that the financial marketplace Switzerland does and will make a significant contribution to best practices in international risk management.

The Award is bestowed on nominees based upon the following criteria:

Practical Impact: Improves effectiveness/efficiency of risk management practices at a micro- or macro level
Originality/creativity: Candidates are “thinking outside the box” as well as “looking at the bigger picture” while pushing/expanding the intellectual boundaries
Societal impact: What is the potential application in contributing to the risk management system from a societal perspective

CleaRisQ was developed by swissQuant and was successfully deployed at EuroCCP in 2021. It is now at the heart of the European Financial Markets Infrastructure and calculates real time risk on 8m transactions and €40Bn – per day. With its cutting edge implementation CleaRisQ contributes to shaping an exciting future for risk management, whilst rising to the challenges of today.

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