Digital banking and investment platforms: Technology is the battleground for differentiation

Digitalisation is already here: How will banks now stand out?

These days, it is common for retail banks to offer online services or apps to their clients, whether it be for ordinary banking services or investment opportunities. With these offers being expected in some markets, it becomes increasingly difficult to use ‘online services’ as a means of standing out. So, the question shifts to… ‘how can retail banks further differentiate themselves in the digital space?’.

The key differentiator: Advanced Technology

A crucial part lies within the technological solutions used and offered by banks, an important aspect both for the bank and the retail client. The function and usability on the front and back end must satisfy both parties, it needs to provide added value and a seamless client experience.

How can technology win?

The swissQuant Optimizer creates growth opportunities for the bank and satisfies the need for immediate access and professional expertise for investors:

  • Cloud-based calculation allows investors to explore quantitative-driven portfolio suggestions and predictions within seconds
  • Allows for operational scalability, while ensuring that client preferences are reflected in their investment goals.
  • Individualized, optimized investment proposals in line with bank investment strategy while considering ESG preferences and regulatory restrictions
  • Systematic portfolio construction follows best-in-class asset manager methodologies – investment performance is fully transmitted from target allocations to client portfolios

Experience the difference…

SwissQuant recently partnered with LLB to develop their new wiLLBe banking platform aimed at retail investors: the first fully systematic ESG portfolio integration in Europe to apply smart technology to customer sustainability preferences in conjunction with investment and risk expertise on a personal level.

Discover how swissQuant helped LLB create a platform which unleashed scalable benefits both for the bank and the retail client, as well as having an impact on people, the environment and the economy –  a prime example of a bank partnering with a technology provider to develop proactive answers to changing times.

“swissQuant… it’s the heart of the operation” (Wolfgang, LLB)

See how LLB stands out in the digital investment space with the Optimizer

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