Enhanced investment advisory offering via a new digital platform – project with LGT

In July 2019 LGT successfully concluded a program which started in 2015 as an initiative to implement new regulatory requirements for their European target market.

The project resulted in not only the integration of new regulatory requirements, but also efficiency gains and the elaboration of new business cases for an enhanced investment advisory offering via a new digital platform; the processing times for the preparation of a consultation meeting have now been significantly reduced, e.g. by automating the collection and creation of client documents as well as suitable risk sensitive investment proposals. swissQuant Group played a central role in this new digital solution with its established and industry-leading risk analytics and portfolio construction engine.

The sophisticated risk capabilities of swissQuant Group allow LGT to assess, monitor and construct portfolios compliant with current regulations, e.g. by evaluating risk-based portfolio suitability. In addition, the wealth advisory solution enables LGT to automatically construct suitable investment proposals while acknowledging their client’s individual preferences and at the same time reflecting the bank’s investment philosophy. The joint advisory solution of swissQuant Group and Avaloq is seamlessly integrated into LGT’s new digital platform and contributes further to meeting new European compliance requirements.

swissQuant Group looks back to an insightful and successful project effort which enhanced the efficiency and potential of LGT’s digital advisory solutions, while extending their core offering by integrating bank-specific requirements.

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