New Partnership with Performance Watcher

With the newly integrated strength of swissQuant’s award winning Risk Analytics, Performance Watcher gains portfolio transparency and reveals growth opportunities.


We are excited to be partnering with Performance Watcher, an IBO benchmark service for assessing portfolio performance.  With the newly integrated Risk Analytics in Performance Watcher, we combine our strengths to provide private investors, independent managers and banks with a compass to better understand the impact of risk exposure and the need for diversification in turbulent markets. Take advantage and join the growing number of investors who already benefit by gaining clarity and direction for their portfolios.

About Performance Watcher

Performance Watcher is a 100% anonymous, participative platform which allows the daily evaluation and control of portfolio management results. This is made possible by comparison with actual portfolios having the same risk budget.

Performance Watcher features multiple simple and innovative reporting and alerting features allowing many users (banks, asset managers, trustees, family offices and consultants) to participate and interact regularly. This community, based on transparency and communication helps to ensure trust in the banking sector.

If you would like to know more about the partnership or would like to benefit from the collaboration, please contact us at


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