swissQuant Conference on Industrialization of Data Analytics

We would like to thank all of the clients, partners and those interested in the topic of Data Analytics who attended, in making swissQuant’s first conference a success. With over 150 participants, the importance of the scalability of value created through Data Analytics to the finance industry, as well as industry at large, was well confirmed. We will continue to engage and challenge experts in the digital field and welcome your participation in our series of informational conferences in the future.

Below is a short summary of the conference highlights:

Thierry Roncally shared with us his industrialization approach for the asset allocation of a variety of individual portfolios at Amundi Asset Management. He explained why the classical Markowitz methods are not suitable for this task in their own right and showed how the problems could be solved with the help of machine learning.

Dr. Hans Buehler explained how he works at JP Morgan to implement data-driven decision processes in trading. He explains that automation is a multi-stage process and addresses the challenges of the individual steps. In particular, he reminds us that machine learning is not an end in itself, but only one of several possible tools for achieving a specific business goal.

Dr. Simon Nigg took us into the world of quantum physics and showed us how we can use quantum effects to build quantum computers. He gave us insight as to the state of the art of today’s quantum computers, explained how quantum algorithms are being applied to solve specific mathematical problems, and summarized the basic challenges of developing and operating quantum computers. Watch also his presentation here.

Prof. Björn Häckel showed us many application examples of how the Fraunhofer Institute supports industry with machine learning and classical analytics. One of the applications covers “predictive maintenance”, through which the operational costs of machines can be significantly reduced. He emphasized that economic benefit and value added must always lie at the center of digital applications.

At the swissQuant stand, the opportunity to discuss recent in-house developments and achievements in the field of combating payment fraud via the use of machine learning was available and well utilized. Learn more about the topic.

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