swissQuant Group Further Expands its Presence in Germany

Development of the entire German financial market with a new foothold in the Main metropolis

In recent months, swissQuant Group gained a further foothold in Germany. After the successful expansion of its business model based on three complementary focus elements

  • Wealth Management Systems for Asset Managers and Private Banks
  • Real-time Risk Systems for Clearing Houses and Investment Banks
  • Big Data Analytics Platforms for Financial Infrastructure Companies and Reserve Banks

the Swiss technology company will now serve the German market from Frankfurt am Main with the entire spectrum of products, technologies and services.

With special tasks such as the development of the new risk standard SPAN 2.0 for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the near-casting of financial sector stability using machine learning, the company has made a name for itself internationally and has reference projects in quality, which will now also be made available to leading financial companies in Germany.

For some time now, swissQuant Group has been differentiating itself via the effective incorporation of ESG requirements and SDG preferences into the investment process. After establishing a presence in Frankfurt, expansion steps are also being considered in the south and north of Germany to serve clients directly on site.

Business Address:
Mainzer Landstrasse 50
D- 60325 Frankfurt

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