How to successfully integrate ESG

An implementation project for any technical solution typically means time-intensive, complex, and costly projects. Today, the convenience of plug and play app solutions has overturned this norm and technical solutions have been streamlined by the provider to win the client time, and relieve him of complex and drawn-out projects. With the upcoming, ever stricter and highly complex ESG regulation, it is however, of utmost importance to use an efficient setup from the beginning in order to effectively cover the complexity and scope of the topic before an optimal technical solution can be reached.


Unlike other plug and play software, ESG requires a careful strategy to unlock valueThe term “digital transformation” evokes notions of positive business impact via improved efficiency after a long and complex transformation project. With respect to the implementation of ESG into the wealth management process, a plug and play solution is best developed by accessing expertise from the beginning. The topic is highly complex and open to a wide variety of implementation levels before a plug and play solution can be reached. In this context, aspects such as experience, market know-how and ESG expertise on the business side are key to defining the technical target solution and avoiding loss of time and effort.
ESG is probably the hottest topic nowadays since both ends are pushing very hard – clients and the regulators. However, ESG cannot be compared to recent regulation transformation efforts such as MiFID, FinSA, GDPR, and CRR. If done correctly, taking advantage of the competitive advantages arising from the process, the adherence to and implementation of ESG regulation provides a huge space of action where doing things right and doing the right things, can create a great deal of business momentum.

ESG knowledge and experience at your side
To provide our clients with the necessary support, we have onboarded senior ESG experts who can provide strategic advice up front, simplify the process, and help develop a solution fitting to our client’s needs. Whether it be mere compliant, or a market leading ESG with added features, the result will be an integration from onboarding to end-user application, guided by our experts. It is our job to reduce complexity and optimize the decision-making process. To date, wealth managers have given positive feedback and are very appreciative of the smooth and efficient journey to their desired ESG solution as guided by our specialists. Combined with our technical and quantitative innovation we are positioning wealth managers as thought leaders in the industry.
The clock is ticking, with regulation deadlines around the corner and social pressure defining the future. We look forward to easing the task at hand by engaging with forward thinking clients who want a head start to shaping their own target ESG solution from the very beginning to the very end.

We are very pleased to announce that we are now part of the organization Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF).

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