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About the swissQuant Group

Founded in 2005 as an ETH Spin-off, the swissQuant Group has catapulted itself to one of the most trusted global business partners today in the world of Intelligent Technology. With currently over 90 highly competent individuals, we pride ourselves in taking your most complex business needs and demands and transforming them into key components of a viable digital strategy for tomorrow. Using sophisticated mathematical methods and well-designed software, we shape your core business and allow you to take advantage of opportunity and avoid risk. Your growth and survival depends on it.

Mathematics has explained a.o. the core of living existence since the Cambrian explosion and as a result enabled humans to solve a large number of real world optimization problems. The swissQuant Group is built on the firm belief that civilization can only evolve by learning from nature and linking nature’s intelligence to real world problems in order to create sophisticated optimization solutions. Our exceptional Quant-DNA makes us a unique company with the potential to solve complex problems across different industries such as Private Banking, Health Care, Clearing, Asset-Management, Insurance and many more.

Located in the heart of Zurich, our dedicated team is active globally and open to digital challenges of any size or nature.

Intelligent Technologies and sophisticated methodologies for global leaders

Highly dedicated team

Committed solution providers with the fascination for applied sciences.

Globally connected

Strategically based, we are servicing a global client base.

Strong R&D roots

Top level of education. For high standards.

Innovative Technology

Swiss Quality. Comprehensive and intuitive solutions.

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