Asset Management. Anchor your Success.

Intelligent Technology for Asset Managers

Do your core processes give you an advantage over your competitors? Being deeply rooted in asset management, our broad experience allows us to shape investment capabilities and infrastructure. Our ingenious touch screen technology enables our clients to stay ahead of the pack.

Our broad tools and services range from quantitative trading to systematic investing, from dynamic risk budgeting to risk overlays and from fund selection to portfolio optimization – including structured products.
The swissQuant Group is the number one partner for intuitive real time solutions that set you apart from the competition. We provide Intelligent Technology in a portable and familiar format (ipad, tablet) to strengthen your investment process.

State-of-the-Art Risk Systems

A step beyond diversification.

  • Capture local and global risks accurately
  • Identify the real risk drivers in your portfolios
  • Create Alpha with our strategy development tools
  • Exhibit risk attributions comprehensively

Intuitive Investment Apps

Digital insight. Opportunity unleashed.

  • Visualize choices and dependencies
  • Guide investors to attractive opportunity set
  • Engage your sales team with privileged offerings
  • Offer the best investment solutions compellingly

Intelligent Integration of Derivatives

Portfolio growth. Superior protection.

  • Decompose non-linear products instantly
  • Design and order non-linear products in the portfolio context
  • Check pre-trade suitability for structured products
  • Monitor and trade anywhere anytime

Precious Illiquid Assets

Big Data. Validation of uniqueness.

  • Replicate sustainable investment strategies
  • Incorporate customer views into systematic investing
  • Monitor liquidity risks for large scale investments
  • Determine risk drivers of real estate portfolios

Cloud Services

MIFID II Compliance

Scalable Solutions

Platform Solutions