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swissQuant-Capabilities in Big Data

How can you unlock your company’s hidden growth potential?
Digitalization and clever minds enable us to solve business problems which only a few years ago were beyond the conceivable.

We use the appropriate application, whether it be Data Mining, Big Data, Analytics or Machine Learning and transform it into Intelligent Technology to boost productivity, transparency and competitive advantage. This translates to bottom-line results as our clients are able to concentrate on making better informed business decisions.
Cutting edge science, technology and our many years of experience in the financial industry make us experts at solving hard analytical problems. For example, the implementation of enterprise risks management as an agile element of company management, or the development of financial infrastructure for the issuance and trading of new products.


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Revenue generation for banks

Enhance your sales process.

  • Develop, acquire and retain customers
  • Augment the performance and potential of relationship managers
  • Provide action points for relationship managers
  • Boost your marketing, branding and pricing policy

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Ingenious Analytics & Performance Cloud

Personalize your outperformance.

  • Understand portfolio and instrument risk
  • Conduct in-depth portfolio and instrument performance analysis
  • Optimize portfolios with constraints
  • Secure effective safety belts

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Large-scale Risk Aggregation

Maximize risk capacity utilization bank-wide.

  • Understand risks and their relationships at group level
  • Have instant risk management assessment at your fingertips
  • Maintain internal know-how of bank within aggregation
  • Generate and review diverse scenarios to improve risk and profit

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Unique Digital Credit Market

Streamline your bond platform

  • Provide secondary liquid bond market for SMEs
  • Facilitate tailor-made emissions and borrowing
  • Generate transparent rating and accurate rating information
  • Expedite the matching of demand and supply for SME bonds

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