Embrace the future of digitalization. Be a leader.

Intelligent Technology for Insurance Companies

Are you harnessing the power of digitalization to mark your leadership in the industry? The life insurance sector has been – and still is – facing diverse challenges. Current challenges such as low interest rates, increasing pressure for digitalization and stronger regulatory focus make Intelligent Technologies an unavoidable part of your strategy now and in the future.

The swissQuant Group is the global leader in the development of such Intelligent Technologies. A growing international client base of leading insurance companies relies on our modular Risk- and Portfolio Management Technology. aQtiv Life allows for a holistic end-to-end wealth advice, including risk profiling, accurate risk/return measurement, stress testing as well as portfolio optimization. Our aQtiv Life advisory system provides sustainable added value to private clients enhances the efficiency of the advisory process for the sales forces and adheres to regulatory guidelines.

Long-term client advisory

More than diversification. Top advice.

  • Take into account client and CIO views
  • Integrate client portfolios to provide consistent advice
  • Allow the client to compare himself to peers
  • Protect and enhance portfolios efficiently

Optimized retirement planning

All-encompassing within milliseconds.

  • Protect your wealth efficiently
  • Achieve your wealth goals safely
  • Enable access to privileged assets
  • Minimize exposure to unwanted risks

Efficient ALM

Complex decisions made easy.

  • Capture each and every liability exposure
  • Determine optimal risk factor basis
  • Replicate large scale portfolios with liquid financial instruments
  • Comprehensively monitor risk and compliance

Digitally driven business growth

Reliable and responsive. Truly Digital.

  • Use rapid algorithms for instant response
  • Achieve paperless advisory workflow
  • Refocus on the relationship
  • Reduce operational risk