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Intelligent Technology for Private Banks, Integration of Robo Advice

How do you stay abreast of the digital evolutionary curve? Regulatory changes, decreasing margins and digitalization have already changed the Private Banking sector. Only with Intelligent Technologies can you meet or exceed the fast-paced changes impacting tomorrow’s market.

The swissQuant Group ensures our clients’ digital evolution using efficient algorithms embedded in APIs as well as end-to-end advisory software solutions for Private Banks and Wealth Managers. A growing and international client base relies on our modular and scalable ImpaQt and RefleQt systems for powerful and accurate risk measurement, portfolio optimization, and historical and hypothetical stress testing. In addition, the systems include product risk classifications and dynamic policies for goal based wealth management.

Our ImpaQt advisory solutions for Private Banks and Wealth Managers provide value to private clients, boost efficiency of the advisory process and help the bank meet regulatory guidelines.

Interactive Client Profiling

Intuitively smart in real time.

  • Propose traditional and goal based profiling
  • Understand the client’s risk capacity and risk tolerance
  • Capture the client’s distinct preferences, restrictions and views
  • Compare investment strategies interactively

Scalable Portfolio Construction

Power for all lines of your business.

  • Ensure embedding of restrictions and preferences
  • Tailor stable portfolios with minimal deviation from the CIO view
  • Benefit from mixed-integer optimization for tradable proposals
  • Serve clients seamlessly (Advisory, Mandate, Online Banking)

High Resolution Risk Calculations

Precise within milliseconds.

  • Analyze instrument and portfolio risk and comply with regulations
  • Ensure suitability pre-trade and ongoing
  • Conduct comprehensive stress tests
  • Resolve restriction breaches automatically

Intelligent Digital Processes

Digital. Your new growth driver.

  • Achieve paperless advisory workflow
  • Refocus on the relationship
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Benefit from a digital audit trail

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Digital Private Banking

Enhanced Efficiency