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Based on an asset allocation as determined by a sophisticated optimizer, DynamiQ displays risk-return measures over multiple adjustable time periods. Predictions according to the chosen optimization strategies are given per asset class and on a portfolio level. Tactical as well as strategic views are covered. DynamiQ also generates reports and fact sheets automatically. Stress tests … Continued

ProteQt D-Treasury

Manage your cash flow volatility in diverse currencies. ProteQt D-Treasury is a treasury tool to manage cash flows, related FX risks as well as to implement strategic structured products which provide a hedge against unfavorable market movements. ProteQt D-Treasury displays the distribution of your future cash flows based on a set of chosen scenarios. Given … Continued

Strategy Manager

Generate tailor-made strategic asset allocations The Strategy Manager App is a comprehensive private banker’s tool designed to manage investment strategies. The user can define a strategy theme based on asset classes while respecting multiple constraints. The Strategy Manager then derives strategies and relates them to CIO SAA/TAAs ranging from conservative to aggressive growth focused.

RE Portfolio Optimizer

Analyze real estate in a portfolio context and show advantages, degree of diversification and comparative risk with respect to other asset classes. Visualize the anti-cyclical behavior historically or during specific stress periods. Allows visualization of the anti-cyclic behavior historically or during specific stress periods. Thanks to the genius of our Intelligent Technology, this application can be fully … Continued

SP Portfolio Optimizer

Optimize a structured portfolio by creating personalized product proposals and designing structured products to fit the portfolio or a specific investment goal. Diverse advanced analytics illustrate the impact of a structured product on a portfolio by comparing historical performance, historical drawdowns, giving performance projections on the next two years, applying historical and hypothetical stress tests … Continued


We have the requisite experience, knowledge, skills, and a high level of technical expertise to validate and develop complex models, both in structure and application.


Our Intelligent Technology enables leading clearing houses to enhance their clearing process by applying our flexible and state-of-the-art real-time risk management software.

aQtiv Life

aQtiv Life is an “end-to-end” advisory tool for life insurance companies that can be directly used in the consultation process. The modular tool covers all relevant steps from wealth-planning to portfolio construction and risk analytics. With its strong risk-engine, state-of-the-art optimization components and intuitive user-interfaces, aQtiv Life furthermore lays the ground for online advisory.

Fund Query

Fund Query helps to find the right fund according to your specific needs in just a few steps. The graphically intuitive search process leads you to the right fund using various selection criteria such as historic performance, peer analysis & comparison and risk measures including volatility, VaR, cVaR and more.

ImpaQt classic

ImpaQt classic is a solution for private banks which is tailored towards satisfying the regulatory needs with regards to suitability checks in the portfolio context.

ImpaQt wealth API

ImpaQt wealth API delivers our Intelligent Technology to financial institutions through a modern REST web-service interface. This allows financial institutions to flexibly integrate services such as risk calculations and portfolio construction into their existing tools and processes.

ImpaQt excellence

ImpaQt excellence is the preferred solution for multi-regional banks. ImpaQt excellence delivers our Intelligent Technology into Avaloq’s Core Platform as well as into the web-based Front Platform. swissQuant Group is a software partner of Avaloq.

ImpaQt plus

ImpaQt plus is an end-to-end stand-alone application for private banks. Covering the entire advisory process from client profiling to portfolio-construction to pre-trade suitability checks over portfolio analytics to reporting and trade execution. This tool is the client advisor’s key to success.