One step ahead. Thanks to research.

Research and Publications

Intelligent Technologies require the genius of the individual as much as the collective intelligence of the team. The swissQuant Group conducts public research projects and supports talented master and doctoral candidates. The privileged access to real, business-relevant challenges motivates and stimulates at the same time. We invest 20% of our annual turnover in proprietary research.

Scientific roots

We are committed to our scientific roots and implement sound scientific concepts throughout all of our work. Hypotheses must be falsifiable and tested at the highest of standards in order to obtain supporting evidence. We strive for methodological rigor and transparency and technological excellence that are ensured by our Methodology and Technology Boards.

University networks

We maintain contacts with universities and colleges around the globe. We regularly invite scientific thought leaders to attend workshops and we present our results at high level science congresses.

Peer-reviewed scientific journals

The content of our publications covers a broad range. Unresolved mathematical questions, fast numeric algorithms, stochastic optimizations, time-scaling methods and coherent risk assessments are but a small selection of our diverse research challenges.

Promotion of young talent

We supervise master and doctoral students within all our practices and we support the diploma work of undergraduate students attending universities of applied science. Outstanding work is generously rewarded.

Mathematical Challenges

Mathematical Challenge February 2019

Security Games

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Mathematical Challenge January 2019

Some properties of collision operators in kinetic theory

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Mathematical Challenge December 2018

Network centralities for financial services

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Microstructural Effects and Idiosyncratic Volatility
Prof. Dr. Markus Leippold
Professor of Financial Engineering, University of Zurich

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Recent Applications of Random Matrix Theory
Prof. Dr.
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
Founder and Chairman of Capital Fund  Management (CFM)

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Brett King on Bank 4.0 – Tomorrow’s Banks

Prof. Artur Avila on Dynamical Systems and Renormalisation

Publications and Articles

swissQuant Group has been involved in the following publications: